Semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers with sealing bar

BP Series

DV150 - Divider of products for machines with 90° infeed

The new series of monoblock semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers with sealing bar BP are extremely versatile: they can pack various products, such as glass and PET bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, cartons of different sizes in a wide range of pack collations. They can be used in several industry segments, such as beverages, food, chemicals, wine and spirits, cosmetics, detergents, wood, textile, graphic etc.

The BP series allows SMIPACK to meet a wide variety of customers’ demands and to ensure a very good quality/price ratio.

Power supply220 - 240 V
1PH + N + PE
50/60 Hz
Installed power990 W
Speed up to 150 p/min.**
Product maximum height380 mm
Working board height945 - 1105 mm
Machine size2445 x 1575 mm
h 2155-2315 mm
Machine net weight590 Kg

(**) Products per minute.

  • Maximum capacity up to 150 products per minute
  • Electromechanical system for division of products on multiple lanes, motorized and controlled by Inverter and Encoder
  • Independent control panel, interfaced with the panel of the shrinkwrapper
  • Control sensor of the infeed flow in order to ensure a regular pressure at the entrance of the product
  • Accumulation sensors at the outfeed of the divider in order to control the feeding of the product and its presence on each lane
  • Up to 20 different working cycles