Automatic handle applicators

HA Series

HA 25 - Automatic handle applicators

The HA automatic handle applicators can apply handles on shrink fi lm packs, cardboard cases, briks, paper rolls or any type of rigid packs. The HA series can apply different types of handles, joined to a transparent adhesive tape and made from:

  • precut cardboard labels
  • pre-handled adhesive tape reels
  • paper and polypropylene handles on reel

At the moment, 4 models are available, differing in their speed: HA 25, HA 40, HA 60, HA 80. They grant, respectively, outputs of 25, 40, 60, 80 packs per minute -PPM-, considering the pack dimensions. All HA models can be confi gured to be placed in lines with single or double lane.


Power supply380-415 V
50/60 Hz
Installed power1830 W
Air pressure6 bar
Required air150 Nl/min.
Maximum output up to25 ppm**
Working board height650-810 mm
Machine size2593 x 1403 mm
h 2150-2310 mm

(**) the stated speed can change according to the product size and the pack collation.


  • Mono-block frame made of painted steel
  • Sliding protective doors with deceleration device
  • Rubber-coated infeed conveyor, with chains made from a thermoplastic material providing a high coefficient of friction
  • Variable speed Intralox infeed conveyor
  • Cardboard labels provided with pneumatic withdraw and electronic control of the handle pitch
  • Handle central support magazine for cardboard labels, with capacity up to 5,000 pieces, positioned in the upper part of the machine and supplied with a beep when the label is missing
  • Pneumatic handle positioning and cut on the pack in motion, with electronic control of the handle length and supplied with a beep when the label is missing
  • Reel mandrils with pneumatic locking
  • Motorized reel support with pneumatic locking and automatic tensioning of the adhesive tape dragging by a motorised wheel driven by Encoder and Inverter
  • FLXMOD® control system equipped with:
    • 7” full-colour touch screen display that slides along the entire length of the machine
    • PLC
    • inverter with integrated encoder reading
    • IN/OUT control modules
  • Possibility of scheduling up to 50 different work cycles
  • 4.0 industry compliant
  • Compliance with CE regulations