The headquarters of SMIPACK

A place for the development of new projects

A place for the development of new projects

SMIPACK invests heavily each year to develop new technologies and bring innovative and competitive products to the market, designed for easy use by operators and for optimizing packaging operations.

The company's investments are not only addressed to the machine range but also to the organization and production facility.

In 2015 SMIPACK opened its new, modern and functional premises where design, assembly, sales and after-sales (spare parts and service) were all joined together over a single area of 14,000 m², since previously they were carried out in different locations.

To date, there are more than 86,000 SMIPACK packers installed around the world and about 4,000 units are sold each year; thanks to these numbers, SMIPACK ranks among the world leaders in the industry and has become, over the years, a reference point for an increasing number of companies operating in the food and non food markets.