New GHZ conveyor

Automation and convenience with the new GHZ infeed conveyor

The word "efficiency" is of great importance when it comes to production processes. The use of technologies that favour the integration of our packaging machines in automatic lines offers the advantage of making automation available at very competitive prices. Aiming to create machinery that meets these expectations is always a winning strategy to satisfy the different needs of our customers.

Based on these perspective, SMIPACK launches the new GHZ infeed conveyor for automatic L-sealers and continuous packers.


The product get into the GHZ infeed conveyor and reaches the grouping area where, by means of the first pusher, the package is formed.


From here, in the standard version, a second pusher with servo-controlled movement moves the pack on a belt equipped with fingers or vanes that guides the product into the machine.

In the P&P version a "pick and place" device lifts the format and lays it on the conveyor belt to obtain formats with stacked products. The final package is then pushed by belt with fingers or vanes into the machine to be packaged.


Thanks to the use of brushless servomotors for the control of the two two-axis pushers and to the conformation of this conveyor, it is possible to obtain grouped and stacked packages at a much more advantageous price than traditional systems.

We invite you to watch the following videos to learn more about its operation

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