Industry 4.0, the focus of the new BP Series

Industry 4.0 - the new industrial revolution

Industry 4.0, the new industrial technology platform that integrates industrial automation and new production technologies, marks the beginning of an era of innovations focused on simplifying and strengthening the processes relating to the packaging sector. It is in this perspective that Smipack's investments in R&D continue with the upgrade of the shrinkwrappers with sealing bar from the BP series.

New BP Series - Features and benefits

The main changes on these models were mainly focused on improving the performance and the interaction between operator and machine:

  • Standard static relays
  • New guides for the infeed conveyors in aluminium and polizene
  • 7” full-colour touch screen display with ARM software architecture compliant with Industry 4.0 (except for BP600/BP800 models which will maintain the 4.3 graphic display)



In addition, some innovations have been introduced on the BP ARV and BP ALV models which improve the machine accessibility and production processes.

  1. New sliding protective doors with deceleration device
  2. New sorter at infeed
  3. New 6 mm multi-row guides with infeed roller
  4. New cardboard magazine for models with pad
  5. Operator interface sliding along the whole machine length

The new automatic models have the significant advantage of being fully compatible with Industry 4.0, thus increasing productivity, packaging quality and the interaction between operator, machine and tools.


For updates regarding the deliveries of these new models and their prices, please contact our sales department.

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