Upgrade FW400E - more versatility with compact dimensions

❝ The demands of a constantly growing market drive packaging machine
manufacturers to implement further improvements in their machinery,
in order to make them more effective and faster when packaging
a greater number of products. ❞

Therefore, SMIPACK has carried out an upgrade dedicated to the flow pack machine FW400E model, installing a dynamic conformer as standard, which allows to expand the range of packable products.


A dynamic conformer to enhance performance


Versatility, functionality and safety: the key words that characterize the flow pack packaging system.

Consequently, the proposed solutions must guarantee large volumes, even in sectors where the product dimensions and shapes vary widely, ensuring though minimum machine downtime.

Now, thanks to the dynamic conformer installed on the FW400E model, all this is possible!

FW400E: a concentration of technology

The compact dimensions, one of the strong points of this model, have been maintained even with the addition of the conformer.

This advantageous component adds to the rich standard equipment which optimizes the machine operation making it practical and reliable.



The main components that characterize this model are:

  • infeed with fingers and multi-pass management included
  • pneumatic expansion of reel holding shaft
  • pneumatic opening of the longitudinal sealing wheels
  • no product, no bag system
  • printed film management
  • air-cooled product passage plates
  • rotary sealing bar equipped with center seal system
  • outfeed conveyor adjustable in height and depth
  • 7" touch screen operator panel

The FW400E models with the new dynamic conformer as standard will be available from September 2024.

For further information about this model and on all other SMIPACK packaging solutions, we invite you to contact our Sales Department.

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