Tunnel with balancer

Tunnel with balancer

Since time Smipack offers to its sales network a range of thermoshrinking tunnel equipped with balancer device, the ideal solution for the alignment of the products side by side, grouped or stacked.

Provided with a motorized chain of bigger silicon rollers compared to the traditional tunnels, it is characterized by the device of alignment of the products that break down during the passage from a conveyor to the other.

The T450 and T452 shrinking tunnels are models that can be fitted with the product alignment device.

The product is already packed in the bag when it reaches the conveyor belt of the tunnel and is then detected by the 12.B.1 cycle start photocell and goes to rest against the product stop plate of the device. This device allows misaligned loose products in the bag to be aligned before the shrinking process begins.

The device can be activated or disabled from the selector. In cases where the shrinking tunnel is in the heating or cooling phase or it has been disabled, the device will not be functional and the product stop plate will open automatically.

There also is a magnetic sensor (12.SQ.1) on the mobile door, which automatically interrupts device operation if the door is opened.

Special timers are used to control the opening and closing times of the product stop plate.

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