Divipack 250 + Separator

Divipack 250 + Separator

We propose You the new SMIPACK solution composed by the divider DIVIPACK 250, that you already know, and an in-line separator that has the function to divide, group, and give the cadence to the preformed packs, trays or cardboard boxes, before entering into the shrinkwrappers of the BP AS series. Here below some further info concerning the operation.

On the separator belt are presents two photocells which must be adjusted according to the packaging requirements. Act on the special screws to regulate the position of the transmitters of the photocells and the corresponding receivers. The photocell 1 is regulated depending on the total length of the packs to be formed . When the product obscure this photocell the separator belt gets up and prevents the passage of other products getting a separation between them. The photocell 2 and the timer should be positioning to achieve the separation of the packs. When this photocell is obscured by the product and after the time set by the timer, the separator belt descends letting pass new packs reactivating the cycle again.

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