Accumulation conveyors and 90° bend

Accumulation conveyors and 90° bend

For the in-line models with sealing bar (BP AL) and overlap shrinkwrappers (BP ALX) Smipack has studied dedicated solutions for the accumulation of the products before the shrinkwrappers and to offer an easier connection of the customer's lines to our BP.

These new options are composed, as you can see from the below drawings, by a connecting conveyor 1500mm long in front of the machine and 2 kinds of flanked and 90° infeed.

These new conveyors are compulsory in case the customer doesn't have them already, in order to ensure the pressure of the product into the machine, the necessary accumulation and the required production capacity.

We would also like to present you a further special solution developed for the BP range with bended 90° infeed that represents another variant offered by our brand to meet the different needs of customer's layout.

For further technical information please contact our sales department.

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