New GH-GHS series

New GH-GHS series

Smipack has made a deep restyling of the range GH and has introduced new models for the GHS range to better meet the needs of the market.

The historical GH range of conveyors for the FP automatic L-sealers has been restyled but no new models have been introduced, therefore they remain GH1000/400, GH2000/400, GH2000/600.

For the GHS range, in addition to the important restyling of the GHS2000/400B, GHS2000/400F, GHS2000/400R models, already detailed in a previous newsletter, the principal novelty will focus on the introduction of the GHS2000/700B and R models which will replace the GHS2000/600B and R. Furthermore other 2 new models will be available soon:

  • GHS2000/400S: cadence and feeder conveyor with mat and servo motors, ideal for fully automatic lines.
  • GHS2000/400P: conveyor for cadenced load by vanes, ideal for loading of grouped products.

Visiting our website you can find the sections products and media center already updated with videos, catalogues and photos.

This important investment in the range of conveyors has led to price changes, so we kindly ask you to contact our sales department.

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