New model XP650 ARX-T

New model XP650 ARX-T

The XP series of overlap shrinkwrappers has been enriched with a new model that, besides representing features and benefits of this range, guarantees the automatic formation of the tray under the products before their wrapping with film.

The cardboard blank is picked by a pneumatic picker and transported to the tray formation area by a step motorized chain controlled by inverter and encoder. Once inserted the cardboard under the products the front and rear flaps are folded mechanically, hot melt glue is sprayed on the side flaps that are then folded by a pneumatic device. After their shaping, the trays with products move to the film wrapping zone and then flow into the shrinking tunnel.

XP650 ARX-T is the ideal model for the packaging with 90° infeed of all kind of products, products, above all oval, square or rectangular, in glass, plastic and metal. The reducing of the size and the possibility to connect the production line directly to the 90° infeed conveyor, without adding any accumulation or side conveyors, make this machine particularly flexible and compact, compared to the in-line solution.

The production capacity can reach up to 25 packs/minute.

The new models can handle trays from 500 x 320 mm maximum up to 150 x 60 mm minimum, with tray flaps ranging from 30 to 80 mm. Additionally, with the appropriate optionals , these shrinkwrappers can also pack the products in only film or pad + film.

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