Shrink tunnels


The ovens from the FP  and HS  ranges have been further improved to increase even more their performances.

By the end of the first trimester all the tunnels will be standard equipped with solid state relays for the check of the oven resistances instead of the traditional contactors:


No mechanical wear and tear


Increase of the oven temperature stability

We would also like to remind the models to be associated with the FP range and the H versions to be associated with the HS range.




 HS500EHS500HS700HS500 SERVO


The T452H  and T652H  models, in order to support the production capacity of the HS range, distinguish themselves by:


   1.- more robust structure

    2.- fixing on feet and not on wheels

    3.- more robust oven belt

    4.- longer thermal chamber in order to
          ensure higher performances

For further information please contact our sales office.

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