Continuous automatic sealers with shrink tunnel

HS Series


Modularity and excellent price/quality ratios are the main features characterizing the automatic sealers of the Full Electric 4.0 HS series. All the models of this range can indeed be supplied with or without shrink tunnel.

All models in this range are full electric, without compressed air requirement.

The HS series with continuous sealing and intermittent or box motion cycle can handle Polyolefin and Polyethylene, Polypropylene centerfolded or flat film with film folder PX, and is suited to meet outputs of up to 7200 packs/hour and 9000 packs/hour with customized solutions.

Power supply220 - 240 V
1PH - N - PE
50/60 Hz
Installed power370 W
Speed of conveyors7.5 - 36 m/min
Machine size2065 - 630 mm
h 790 - 950 mm
Machine net weight200 Kg
  • Connecting belt between packer and tunnel
  • Motorized chain with free-running rollers
  • Ideal for products longer than 1000 mm
  • The conveyors speed settings are managed directly from the control panel of the continuous packers, optimizing their performance