Automatic flow pack machines

FW Series

FW300E - Flow pack machine with rotary sealing and upper film reel

The new FW series of automatic packaging machines with flow pack system, designed according to Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) technological platforms, is the family of machines that completes the SMIPACK range. The version with rotary bar sealing system is composed of 7 models (five with upper reel, three of them dedicated to the entry-level sector, and two with lower reel) and packs a wide range of products with irregular shapes and small dimensions that arrive at the machine either loose (single doses) or previously grouped (multipack); the products are placed in packages made up of simple or coupled flexible material with a maximum output of 200 products/minute (based on the selected model). The film sealing & folding systems, combined with the dynamic and adjustable conformer, make process regulation on the FW models versatile and fast.

Power supply220 - 240 V
50/60 Hz
Installed power2650 W
Compressed air pressure- bar
Sealing bar150 mm
Maximum product height60 mm
Speed up to 80 ppm*
Maximum size of film reel300 - ø 300 mm
Machine size2645 x 795 mm
h 1590 - 1690 mm
Machine net weight330 kg


  • High reel flow pack machine
  • Sealing system with rotary bar
  • Sliding surfaces of the products in AISI304
  • Infeed with adjustable guides and easily removable interlocking vanes
  • Longitudinal sealing consisting of 2 pairs of drive wheels, the first pair pulls the film and the second does the sealing
  • Manual opening of the longitudinal sealing wheels
  • High reel holder with mechanical clutch
  • Manual closing reel holder shaft
  • Standard dynamic film conformer with position indicator with numerical display
  • Cross sealing with bar 150 mm - 5.91” width
  • Variation of the sealing bar height position by handwheel
  • Motorized product outfeed conveyor adjustable in height by handwheel
  • Drawers to collect product waste, under the entire length of the infeed conveyor
  • Printed film centering device, no product - no bag, and end of film reel sensor included
  • Motors configuration controlled by inverters: infeed conveyor/longitudinal sealer/ outfeed conveyor with independent asynchronous motors
  • Motors configuration controlled by drivers: cross sealer with brushless motor
  • Machine stop in phase
  • FLXMOD® control system equipped with:
    • operator Interface with Panel PC and 7” full-colour touch screen display with PLC user-friendly
    • IN/OUT control modules for digital, analog inputs/outputs and thermocouple-reading control.
  • This system is able to check all operations, simply and precisely, such as:
    • two sealing temperature adjustments: one on the longitudinal sealer and one on the cross sealer
    • electronically controlled conveyor belt speed
    • process statistics:
      • pack counter
      • instantaneous production
      • machine efficiency
  • Possibility of scheduling up to 50 different work cycles
  • Emergency button
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Compliance with CE regulations