Automatic wrap-arownd case packers

WPS Series

WPS 150R - Automatic wrap-around case packer with in-line infeed

The WPS series of automatic wrap-around case packer are suitable for packing a wide range of products in tray, open case, closed case, shelf-ready or display and for meeting the highest production standards and quality regulations.

Its compact design reduces the need for large spaces for installation and the extensive use of high-tech components enables to reach high productions in a short time. The WPS case packers allow to work three different types of cardboard: micro corrugated, corrugated and kraft, and can reach productions up to 25 packs/minute.


Beverage industry (milk, water, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.), preserved foods (tomatoes, pickle, sauces, etc.), edible oil, aerosols, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, shampoo-detergents, oil lubricants, logistic, co-packers.

Power supply220 - 240 / 380 - 415 V
3PH + PE / 3PH + N + PE
50/60 Hz
Installed power9700 W
Air pressure6 Bar
Required air17 Nl/p*
Speed up to 20 p/min.**
Product minimum height75 mm
Product maximum height350 mm
Working board height960 - 1105 mm
Machine size4790 x 2415 mm
h 2190-2335 mm
Machine net weight1855 Kg

(*) Normal Iiters per pack.

(**) Packs per minute. The stated speed can change according to the product size, the pack collation and the type of material used.


  • Automatic wrap-around case packer with in line infeed
  • Sliding protection doors with deceleration device.
  • Blank magazine at fixed height, equipped with motorized conveyor
  • Photocell for stock of cardboards
  • Blank magazine capacity: 300-400 pcs
  • Open cardboard dimensions: min 300x500 mm max 750x1300 mm – min 11.81"x19.69" mm max 29.53"x51.18" mm
  • Cardboard thickness: from 1,8 mm up to 3 mm or from 0,54 mm up to 0,60 mm (kraft)
  • Automatic pack collation
  • In line infeed conveyor with adjustable speed controlled by Inverter
  • One-row or multi-row infeed
  • Product presence photocells
  • Accumulation/control rows photocells
  • Cardboards pick-up by means of an oscillating arm with suction cups, driven by servomotor
  • Automatic positioning of the cardboards pick-up and release point, driven by gearmotor and controlled by encoder and inverter
  • Cardboard positioning on the polizene guides, without contact with the transmission chains
  • Electronic forming unit driven by 4 servomotors, with automatic adjustment of the carton depth
  • Pneumatic side vanes to guide the cardboard flaps
  • Load of the product into the open U-shaped carton with double 2 cartesian axis motorized pusher controlled by 4 servomotors
  • Gate with pneumatic movement with opening function and guide of the prooducts
  • Closure of the inside lateral flaps by pneumatic actuators
  • Folding of the upper part of the cardboard by means of fixed contrast
  • Motorized transversal Hot melt glue applicator, controlled by inverter and encoder
  • 4 longitudinal fixed gluing points
  • Closure of the external flaps and squaring of the finished case by pneumatic actuators
  • Flxmod® control system equipped with:
    • operator Interface 7" full-colour touch screen sliding all along the length of the machine
    • Plc
    • inverter with integrated encoder reading
    • IN/OUT control modules
  • 50 different memorisable working cycles
  • 4.0 industry compliant
  • Designed and manufactured according to CE regulations

(*) Normal Iiters per pack.

(**) Packs per minute. The stated speed can change according to the product size, the pack collation and the type of material used.