New HS250 VT


Always committed to satisfying the different needs of its customers, Smipack is launching a new model to enrich the HS series. The new HS250 VT continuous packer is the Smipack solution for the packaging of vertically oriented products.

HS250 VT - Automatic packer with 3 belts and intermittent cycle

Continuous longitudinal sealing on the base of the product

Vertical intermittent cross sealing with a 500 mm bar


Maximum product height: 400 mm

Conveyor closing system (optional)

This new model of continuous packer is particularly suitable for the packaging of individual products or containers with a vertical orientation such as bottles, canisters, aerosols, paper rolls, etc.


For updates regarding the delivery of this new model and its price , please contact our sales department.


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Marketing Department
Smipack S.p.A.