BP1102AS-TC Total closing

BP1102AS-TC Total closing

Smipack is pleased to inform you about the introduction of an important variance concerning the shrinkwrapper model BP1102AS called TC "total closing".

Particularly suitable for all uniform products with height limit of 250mm (it must be anyway related to the other dimensions) and maximum weight of 60 kg. for which it is required a total closure of the package instead of the classic packaging with side portholes, in order to thermoshrink the film excess that has limits from the aesthetic point of view.

To carry out this particular kind of packaging, the shrinkwrapper is equipped with a specific moulder for each different type of product, which allows to overlap the flaps of the film in the bottom part of the product, thus forming a total closure of the package on the side of the product where normally there are the portholes.

Another important advantage of this shrinkwrapper, compared to the standard model, is the increase of the production capacity, variable anyway according to the kind of product and film.

To view the operation of the a.m. model please visit the following link.

This version will not be included in the price list, so please contact our sales office for any requests and further information.

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